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Video Management Systems

Welcome to our Video Management Systems sub-category page. 

Here we offer you products to record, store and manage your video captures.

There are three (3) major types of Video Management Systems to choose from at the moment meeting different needs. These are:-
1. Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) – location based viewing
2. Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) – network based viewing
3. Hybrid/All-in-One Video Recorders (HDVR's, iDVR's, NVR's) – combination of location and network based viewing.

The ultimate choice of Recorder to use is made depending on your specific requirements.

If you are certain of your exact requirement, please go directly to the relevant section and make your selection.

If you are not certain of what you want or you want to find out what is available to meet your needs, kindly complete and submit the Selection Guide Questionnaire below and we will recommend options for you to choose from.

Surveillance Cameras and Video Management Systems
 Surveillance only Surveillance and Monitoring
 Private Home/Property Commercial Industrial
 Public Government Other- Descibe
 Single Structure?  Multiple Structures?
Property Location
 Phone Email Mail
Advanced Options
 Basic -Detection- (Minimum) Standard -Recognition- (Medium) Premium -Identification- (Comprehensive)
What types of cameras are desired? Select all options that apply.
 Analog Digital Internet Protocol (IP) Combo (Analog/Digital)
 Indoor Outdoor Combo (Indoor/Outdoor)
 Standard Vandalproof Weatherproof
 Wired Wireless Combo (Wired/Wireless)
 Night Day Combo (Night/Day)
 Regular (Obvious) Covert (Hidden) Combo (Regular/Covert)
Lens Type
 Fixed Varifocal Zoom Combo
Other Functionalities desired
What type of monitoring is desired?
 Local only Remote only Local and Remote Multisite

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